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October 21, 2011

@JMatthews_WUTR is #Weathertainment

jeff matthews

Jeff Matthews of WUTR presents the latest weather forecast in an entertaining fashion to make what we like to call on twitter: #Weathertainment. It all started a few weeks ago when we discovered that the newest weatherman in town had his very own twitter handle (@JMatthews_WUTR). At first we attempted to get in touch with Jeff Matthews, and now it has almost turned into a habitual addiction of catching the news at 6, 10 or 11pm, just to get a glimpse of the quirky, but intelligent Jeff Matthews. He epitomizes the meaning of the term “News Personality”. Viewers never know what he is going to say or do next, keeping them glued to the tube. The only thing that is not unpredictable about Jeff Matthews is if he tells you via twitter to watch the news at exactly 11:16pm for your shout out on live television. The fan group on twitter and facebook started to grow big enough that we decided to make an “Official @JMatthews_WUTR Fan Club” on facebook that currently has 22 members. Through this social media and live on-air interaction we have come to learn that Jeff Matthews loves playing hockey, and just recently they filmed him blocking shots against our area’s finest and most popular hockey team: Utica College Hockey. He did miss a couple shots, and we let him know about it through the instant gratification of the internet. We look forward to showing our continued support for Jeff Matthews and his #Weathertainment and hope to cover one of his Recreational Hockey League games in the near future, but “Bada-Bing Bada-Boom, it’s time for Eyewitness News” – Jeff Matthews


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